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DJ TONK BLOG 「My Underground Life」
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Raashan Ahmad の 新作
Raashan Ahmad / For What You’ve Lost (CD) c0079313_22133086.jpg+ DJ Tonkの特典Mix CD付!

Freedom Records他で予約受付中。

Tower Records, HMV, その他の量販店でも予約受付中。

Aloe Blacc, Capital D, Count Bass D, DJ Tonk, DJ Stutter (Fineprint),
Gift of Gab(Blackarisious), Headnodic(Crown City Rockers),
89th Key (the Procussions), Katrah-Quey, Mitsu the Beats, Moe Pope,
Noelle Scaggs (the Rebirth), Ohmega Watts, Paper Plane Project,
Woodstock (Crown City Rockers), and more.
by dj_tonk | 2010-11-17 22:14

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